World Homeless Day 10 October 2014

World Homeless Day 10 October 2014


Tokyo-based office company King Jim has created a wearable futon. The Wearable Futon Air Mat Set can switch between ‘coat’ and ‘bed’ (shown) functions.

Wearable Futon

Images of the Atlas moth were taken by UK wildlife photographer, Brian Bevan, 64. The tips of its wings (pictured inset) bear a resemblance to the shape of a cobra (pictured main).

'Cobra moth' resembles a snake to warn off predators

Some Instagram users are stealing newborn and toddler photos, re-posting them to new accounts, and then inviting followers to create elaborate story-lines with the children.

Moms, beware: Instagram users are stealing children’s images

Mammals are normally considered the stars of the evolution show, but insects should be centre stage, says Scott Richard Shaw in Planet of the Bugs

The creepy crawly story of life on Earth.

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Smartphone Specs Demystified

The New York World’s Fair of 1964 introduced 51 million visitors to a range of technological innovations and predictions during its run.

What Predictions 1964 Worlds Fair Got Right and Wrong

12 Heroes and Villains Who Kicked the Hulk’s Green Ass.

Video shows what it’s like to ride the Isle of Man’s TT course
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